Orange Juice: The Glasgow School CD

Originally released by Domino Records in 2005, we are honoured to be able to reissue The Glasgow School CD in the original hardback format with 16pp booklet.

You can read the full story when you pick up “The Glasgow School” which compiles all the studio recordings the band did for Postcard Records, the imprint group leader Edwyn Collins ran along with the legendary Alan Horne. The deluxe package includes a few audio surprises, as well as a lengthy historical essay penned by the band’s original drummer turned acclaimed writer, Steven Daly.

1. Falling and Laughing
2. Moscow
3. Moscow Olympics
4. Blue Boy
5. Lovesick
6. Simply Thrilled Honey
7. Breakfast Time
8. Poor Old Soul (part one)
9. Poor Old Soul (part two)
10. Louise Louise
11. Three Cheers For Our Side
12. (To Put It In A) Nutshell
13. Satellite City
14. Consolation Prize
15. Holiday Hymn
16. Intuition Told Me (part one)
17. Intuition Told Me (part two)
18. Wan Light
19. Dying Day
20. Texas Fever
21. Tender Object
22. Blokes On 45
23. I Don't Care

“It’s hard to for me to write about this music, as I feel like such a rabid fan. Whenever I listen to it, I feel overwhelmed with idealistic optimism. I’m still thrilled by the adventurousness of the songwriting (Breakfast Time to Wan Light in one group). I’m still in awe of the fact that they had the guts to DO it. I still feel yes, anything IS possible...”
Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand


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