AED welcomes you

AED (Analogue Enhanced Digital) is a micro label, inaugurated in late 2011. Our founders are Edwyn Collins and James Endeacott, who come with previous form in founding record labels.

James worked at Rough Trade where his taste informed the signing of The Strokes and The Libertines. He then had his own label, 1965, where he launched the career of The View among others.

Edwyn has owned and recorded for independent labels all his career, beginning in in 1979 when he, along with Alan Horne, had the idea that became Postcard Records of Scotland.

Many of the records we will bring you will have been recorded and produced by Edwyn and Seb Lewsley previously at our West Heath Yard Studios in West Hampstead, London. 2015 has seen the relocation of West Heath Yard Studios to Clashnarrow in Helmsdale, in The Highlands of Scotland, the new studio will be up and running in 2016. With AED we now have a route to the world for records which are born in our studio but which previously struggled to find a route to a public hearing.

At AED we have a good laugh but we're serious about recording and releasing the best music along with unique apparel, prints, cards and books. We like boxes and art and illustration and hand finishing. We'll never put an autograph on something and bump the price up by a tenner. We will never mis-represent our products.

Treat our customers the way we would wish to be treated.

Simple common sense.
Love on ya

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information: