Edwyn Collins: Gorgeous George Vinyl LP


Gorgeous George was released back in 1994, to a rather muted reception, including a one star review in The Guardian advising Edwyn to give up music.

The later success of the album was especially welcome as it was the first of his records to be self-produced by Edwyn and marked the beginning of a collaboration with young engineer, Seb Lewsley.

A slow burner, Gorgeous George re-entered the charts at number eight in July 1995 after the global success of ‘A Girl Like You’. Many purchasers were doomed to disappointment on first playing however, when they were greeted with the challenging opener ‘The Campaign For Real Rock’ an Edwyn favourite to this day. His admirers agree, and many tracks from the album still feature in his live set.

‘The Rails,’ have recently covered ‘Low Expectations’ to rather beautiful effect.

Gorgeous George was released on vinyl back in the day, then deleted.

The LP tracklisting is as follows:

The Campaign For Real Rock
A Girl Like You
Low Expectations
Out of This World
If You Could Love Me
North of Heaven

Gorgeous George
It’s Right in Front of You
Make Me Feel Again
I’ve Got It Bad
Occupy Your Mind

We've kept the CD version faithful to the original CD release (no Occupy Your Mind).

Also available on all good streaming platforms:

And here's Edwyn 'A Girl Like You' Collins. . .

..and, thanks to a mystery uploader, "If You Could Love Me," directed and animated by Simon Goddard, renowned author, most recently of the story of Postcard Records, "Simply Thrilled," available elsewhere on this shop.